Architectural Assignments - Exteriors

Capturing the exterior of a structure photographically is not always as easy as it would appear on the surface. Shooting requires planning and preparation based on which direction the building faces (North, South, East or West), the time of year, the time of day, the existing weather conditions; temperature, humidity, cloud conditions etc. All of those factors in any number of combinations can make the same building look totally different on any given day. It's part of my job to figure what the optimum shooting window will be given all the variables. Even then there are no guarantees.

Exterior views of any project have to be shown in all views to get a feel of the total. How a structure relates to its surroundings, and how it fits aesthetically is so important that it is one of the primary requirements for any photographic submission to AIA competitions. This can mean putting in the extra effort to get as unique overall view of the structure that can be obtained.


Architectural Assignments - Interiors

Architects like to see their work approached honestly, reflecting the feel of the interiors as they appear. For that reason, I work hard at utilizing the available light that the occupants of these structures live with on a daily basis. If additional lighting is ever required, I do so in such small amounts that the supplemental lighting can appear more like bounce light that happens in the space naturally.

Architectural photography is not always about the big picture. Even what most observers see as mundane must be shown with a good amount of creative direction, flare and detail. It's important to pay attention to the details, the textures, materials, color choices, lighting, furniture and art work that is critical in defining the project and space.

The technical/mechanical side of the structure, even those that are never seen by the daily occupants are important to the architect on an engineering level. This visual verification supports the fact that the structure was designed to function ergonomically, mechanically and efficiently.