The Toyota Welcome Center Project

Shooting for Toyota is always a fast paced heads down kind of event, and this assignment certainly was not any different. Because the production process is a well tuned and in sync type of operation, it was absolutely necessary for me to disappear and to be a non factor in that process. These are not the kind of projects for the faint of heart, or a shooter who has control issues . . . there is no control. Most of the process involves being in the right place at the right time or observing the process over and over and deciding the best instant to go for the shot. Yet, this is what I've always enjoyed about this type of photo project, the challenge is immense but the rewards can be immensely satisfying when you know that you've nailed the shot that will be something special.

This shoot was a saturation shoot that happened over several weeks of shooting and included only a very basic shot list . However It was vital that every department be covered as extensively and creatively as possible to provide the designers of the new Toyota Welcome Center with multiple solutions to their graphic and visual requirements . The outcome of this project resulted in several hundred final edited images, of which only a small percentage were eventually utilized in the Welcome Center. This gallery presents some of the images used as well as images of the welcome center itself.


History Walk Signage - Henderson, KY

This graphic design project completed for the City of Henderson, KY are used as historical markers placed in Audubon Mill and Red Banks Parks on the Ohio River and Central Park in the city center. The markers are used to inform visitors and locals alike about locations, people, and events that make up the varied and interesting history of this Ohio River town.


The Corvette Series

This series of illustrations were created in Corel Painter X. The Corvette images were created using reference photos taken in a variety of locations around the U.S. The background pastorals were then combined to create the final versions. The five part series entitled "The Corvette Pastoral Series" were created for and are under license to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. Prints are available as a limited edition giclee series on the NCM website and in the museum store. The sixth image of the yellow Corvette C6 was created for the permanent collection in the museum and is also available for purchase.


Bluegrass Festival Photography

Every year since 2003 I have been extremely fortunate enough to be involved in the planning and organization of one of the longest running Bluegrass festivals in the United States. As Photography and Graphics Coordinator for the event, one of my major responsibilities is making sure that the event is recorded for posterity. That means shooting as much as I can and organizing other good photographers so that everything gets covered. This really depends on photographers who will volunteer their creative talents for the success of the festival. Since this festival is totally FREE to the public and we depend on corporate sponsorships to pay for the expenses involved,a lot of volunteer in-kind efforts like photographers, are also needed. Just follow the link below to enter my festival website gallery .

»» Bluegrass in the Park 2013

»» Bluegrass in the Park 2012

»» Bluegrass in the Park 2011

»» Bluegrass in the Park 2010

»» Bluegrass in the Park 2009

»» Bluegrass in the Park 2008